Why to add RV SnapPads to your RV?

We purchased our 2018 Tiffin Allergo Red 33aa in February of 2020. One of the first things we wanted after our first set up and take down was RV SnapPads for our rig. RV SnapPads are permanent RV Jack Pads that attach to your RV leveling jacks so you don’t have to carry around blocksContinue reading “Why to add RV SnapPads to your RV?”

We Baked Copper River Salmon in Our RV Convection Microwave!

Is it worth the price and hype? We bought Copper River Salmon for $38.00 a pound for a fillet and baked it in our RV convection microwave. We had never heard of Copper River Salmon before. We did not know what was so special about it and why it was so expensive. What we learnedContinue reading “We Baked Copper River Salmon in Our RV Convection Microwave!”