Chasing RV Sunshine

Joel, Deb and Maya

Hello- Welcome to Chasing RV Sunshine- Joel, Deb & Maya here.

We are a Full Time RV Couple with a spoiled dog that has downsized & sold everything, retired, and move to Full Time RVing. We are new to the RV lifestyle and are happy to take you along for the ride with us, as we feel like we are living in the book…RVing for dummies…sometimes… there is nothing better the feeling the freedom RVing brings us.

We love RV travel and feel RV Love every time we head to a new location while showing you how to travel in in a RV. Chasing RV Sunshine believe in buying, eating, drinking, spending and enjoying local. We hope you join us as we document our adventures Chasing RV sunshine throughout the country and beyond!

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Chasing RV Sunshine ☀️ Joel, Deb and 🐕 Maya

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